Never worry about your trade show exhibit again. Exhibit Network will eliminate all the surprises and disappointments you may have experienced in the past. Just ask our clients. From Fortune 500 to small businesses, we replace worry and frustration with confidence and delight. Choose from our Custom Exhibits, FlexMod Exhibits, and our exclusive Rental Packages.


You are a professional, and every day you make decisions that affect your company, your brand, and your job. You know what you want to accomplish, but the problem is you don’t always have time to research all your opportunities and options. This can be frustrating. Exhibit Network would like to ease your burden in at least one area: your trade show exhibit.

After 30 years in the exhibit industry and serving hundreds of exhibitors worldwide, we’ve come up with a solution.

As the exhibit manager for your company, you know when and where you need a custom trade show exhibit. You know custom exhibits are generally more expensive and may take longer to set up, and they are still the best choice for you.

Your marketing and sales departments are counting on you to make them look stellar on the show floor. Your competition is trying to outdo you, so your booth needs to look phenomenal. Do you know what you should expect in a custom exhibit? How do you judge quality craftsmanship? Will your custom exhibit look as good at its 10th show as it did at the first?

Exhibit Network has been exceeding client expectations with the quality of our custom trade show exhibits for 30 years.

As the Exhibit Manager for your company, have you ever wondered why your exhibit budget runs out so fast? Could it be that you exhibit in different booth sizes depending on the show, the audience, and the location? Do you own an exhibit for each of these scenarios?

Exhibit Network has been in business for three decades and has discovered the perfect solution for this dilemma.  We call it our FlexMod Exhibits and our clients are raving about it. Our FlexMod Exhibits are strategically designed and engineered to be used in multiple configurations in multiple sizes. That means one set of exhibit properties will work for numerous booth sizes and locations

Has this ever happened to you?  A golden opportunity to exhibit at a trade show just falls into your lap, and suddenly, you have a new project to handle. Where do you turn?  Search “trade show exhibits” on the Internet and you will get more options than you can imagine.  How do you choose the right one?

Exhibit Network has seen this over and over again.  Your company’s brand and reputation are on the line (and maybe your job). We’ve been in this nerve-wracking situation ourselves and that’s why we passionately want to guide you towards the best decision for you.  We will begin by asking you all sorts of questions – why are you exhibiting; are your competitors at the event;

In our experience, exhibits generally fall into one of three categories: custom exhibits, reconfigurable exhibits (FlexMod), and rentals.

To save you time, we’re showcasing our exhibits in these three categories so you can quickly and easily decide what is best for you. No matter which option you choose, you can relax knowing you are on your way to becoming a trade show superstar.

We follow a simple plan: We learn everything we can about your trade show program (shows, dates, locations, etc.) and your goals and objectives. We then provide you with our original concepts that we believe will make you stand out on the show floor.

We discuss, consult, re-engineer, and brainstorm until everyone is clear on the direction to go. Then our topnotch fabricators know it’s time to begin the highest standard of quality workmanship. It’s a plan that works every time.
Is your company relying on you to up your game at your next trade show? Give Exhibit Network a call today and impress your colleagues with their first-rate, new custom exhibit. You’ll be their hero.

Tight on money this year?  Buy as much as you can afford now and add to the exhibit next year. Exhibiting at two shows occurring at the same time?  Your FlexMod properties can be split and sent to different locations without a hitch. Only exhibiting once in a large island booth?  Use your existing FlexMod properties and rent the rest from Exhibit Network.


Don’t let hassles about your trade show budget get between you and excelling at your job. Get a handle on your budget while upping your brand at trade shows with our FlexMod Exhibits.  You’ll be a trade show champion.

what products or services will you be selling; who is your target audience; how much time, effort, and money can you spend; and what happens if you decide not to exhibit at all.

At a trade show, you only have one chance to do it right because your customers, your competitors, and your colleagues are watching.  Exhibit Network’s solution, created especially for exhibitors like you, is our exclusive collection of Rental Packages.  Each package is designed for quick turnaround, is budget-friendly, and can be upgraded for future events. Don’t worry, Exhibit Network will walk you through the process and will be with you from start to finish. You’ll be a trade show hero.

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