Systel Simulation Units




The Challenge:

Systel Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with systems deployed worldwide for mission-critical applications in a variety of markets including Defense, Oil and Gas, Automation, and Transportation.  Systel’s rugged product line includes Embedded Systems, High-Density Storage Systems, Flat Panel Computers and Displays, High-Performance GPU Solutions, Wall Mount Computers, Laptops and Tablets, and ATCA Platforms, all designed for continuous operation under extreme environmental conditions. All Systel systems are designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA. (Source:

Systel’s brilliant idea for simulation units to demonstrate their products in rugged conditions was not new.  They had been thinking about this for years, but did not know where to get them produced.  Additionally, Systel wanted these units to convert from self-standing floor units in large booth spaces to table units for smaller events.

The Solution:

Exhibit Network had been supplying Systel with trade show exhibits and services for over a year before Systel shared their idea with us. Fortunately, we had about 10 months until the simulation units were needed. Our team began researching, designing, engineering, experimenting, testing, and re-testing.  We informed Systel of every milestone we reached to be sure we were on the right track with their vision.

The result is these two simulation units (top photo) that debuted at AUSA 2019 in Washington DC. The one on the left vibrates and the one on the right simulates a sandstorm.  Each unit holds a Systel computer that is running the video above the unit to show that the computers are capable of performing under extreme environmental conditions.  The photos at the bottom show the units throughout production.  Unseen are hinges inside each unit that allow them to be modified from standing floor units to table units.

You can see these simulation units in Systel’s booth at their trade shows. And look for more units that Exhibit Network will be producing soon to simulate additional environmental conditions.