Systel: Product Logos




The Challenge:

Systel, Inc. – a leading manufacturer of rugged computing products for military, oil and gas, and manufacturing enterprises worldwide – was in need of a visual identity to help its military audience quickly differentiate its rapidly expanding ’Strike’ family of products. Having successfully collaborated with Exhibit Network’s creative team on several previous graphic design projects, Systel chose to again team with Exhibit Network to develop product logos for each of its defense products.

Systel’s product branding was largely in place, with each product name based on a bird of prey that implied the traits of each individual system; agility, compactness, etc. The visual identities to represent the products needed to be evocative of these attributes as well as communicate a ferocity and strength that would resonate with a military audience.

Regarding implementation, the logos would be used not only in marketing communications, but would also be placed on the product hardware itself. This required the designs to be iconic in nature: Simple, single-color, icon-based graphics able to be reproduced at small scale via silkscreen or laser etching.


The Solution:

Via a collaborative design process that began with simple concept drawings, Systel was able to leverage the identity design experience of Exhibit Network’s creative team to great success. The result of this ongoing collaboration has been a suite of product logos that have achieved at-a-glance recognition in the marketplace. Each product logo is unique unto itself, with some graphically stylized and others more realistic in nature but all bear consistent elements such as typography that allow them to work as a family of products.