The Challenge:

PJOE is a globally operating upstream fabricator which specializes in the fabrication of large and complex structures for the upstream industry for oil and gas, mining, desalination, energy and related activities. (Source: www.PJOE.com.cn) PJOE was exhibiting at GasTech 2019 in Houston TX in a 5m x 12.5m booth space. They had hoped to hire the show contractor for the booth, but were advised that would not be possible because the show contractor was already at capacity. PJOE called Exhibit Network on the phone, and then by email sent line drawings and listed all their requirements:  specific height, video presentation area, seating areas, suitable flooring, power for laptops and cell phones, ample storage, reachable brochures, a place for a Panda drawing, and provisions for hospitality. Additionally, there were two conspicuous load-bearing columns inside the booth space, with a fire extinguisher attached to one of them. The booth space had an open aisle on the left and in the front, and neighbors on the right and in the back. PJOE’s contact person was in Australia at the time, and the show would open in Houston in less than two weeks.

The Solution:

Exhibit Network prepared a same-day estimate based on line drawings and the list of requirements from PJOE.  With no clear idea how the exhibit would actually look, PJOE took a leap of faith and approved the estimate the next day. Exhibit Network immediately traveled to NRG Center for a site inspection to locate and measure the columns to integrate them into the design.  A pencil-sketch and verbal directions were all we had time to give our shop crew to begin production.  We pulled the necessary rental properties and the framework from our Octanorm inventory.  We produced exact color-match countertops.  After the frame was assembled, our detailer produced drawings to submit to show management for approval and to fit the graphics. Show management quickly approved our plan for the columns and the fire extinguisher.

PJOE provided the logo and graphic artwork. Exhibit Network sized the graphics to our framework and resized the logo for the counters. A refrigerator was placed inside the larger greeting counter and a charging station was part of the rectangular table in the seating area.  Promotional items were stored in the cabinets below the monitor and brochures were placed in the literature racks. The large Panda was given a seat of his own, flanked by a tall plant.  The fire extinguishers were suitably repositioned.

In less than seven days, the exhibit and graphics were ready to ship to showsite, with the entire list of requirements met. Kudos to our senior project manager who worked on this project non-stop the entire week.  Our client, PJOE, was very happy with the results. Our only regret is Tropical Storm Imelda passed through Houston and our photographer was not able to travel to NRG Center to take professional photos of the booth.