The Challenge:

Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Their products protect, support and save lives wherever they are deployed – in clinical settings, industry, mining and emergency services. Prior to calling Exhibit Network, Dräger had a trailer branded and outfitted to demonstrate their products at off-site locations. Among other custom elements, this trailer had two mannequins for demonstration purposes, one monitor, and six lockable cabinets to secure their product for transport. But this still left them with a major problem: keeping their products organized and safe. Their two challenges were the excessive time needed to stack, unpack, repack, and sort all their product boxes and the safety of the products during transport. They came to Exhibit Network to see what we could do to save them time and keep their products from being damaged on the road traveling from destination to destination. Exhibit Network had less than a week to get the work done before the trailer needed to be on the road for an important meeting.

The Solution:

Exhibit Network immediately knew what to do. Dräger drove the trailer to our warehouse including all the boxed products, mannequins, and monitor for the trailer. The first part of the solution was to get rid of all the boxes; in their place, Exhibit Network designed, fabricated, and installed compartmentalized drawers in the cabinets to fit the size and shape of each product. Each compartment was custom-lined with foam for protection during transport and included a fancy shutting mechanism so the drawers would close smoothly. A retaining D-ring was installed on the side wall attaching a “seat belt” for the mannequins to ensure they would not shift and fall during transport, yet providing easy access for demonstrations. Exhibit Network also provided a monitor support suitable for a mobile exhibit.

In the end, Exhibit Network delivered exactly what Dräger needed, and all within time and budget. When our new client picked up the trailer, she told Exhibit Network that we had exceeded her expectations, and further, our customer service (returning phone calls quickly with answers to questions) was top-notch. With that, the trailer was hauled to an event scheduled later that same day.