Trade Show Glossary – #3
Trade Show Glossary – #3

New to Exhibits?  Then this quick vocabulary primer is just for you.  Whether you need a double-decker, a modular exhibit, a portable exhibit, or a rental booth, you’ll want to know these terms when talking to your exhibit provider.  This Trade Show Glossary is our 3rd in a series sourced from  If you’ve been following us, you know this means that we copied/pasted these words directly from

As exhibit designers and producers, this is our language.  Our purpose in sharing is to prepare you to select the right exhibit for your unique needs.

Custom Exhibit
A display designed and built to meet the specific needs of an exhibitor.

A two-storied exhibit. Also known as Multiple Story Exhibit.

Scaled drawings depicting front and side views of an exhibit.

Exhibit Designer/Producer
Company responsible for designing and constructing exhibit booths.

A sign or other structure across the top of an exhibit.

Island Exhibit
A display with aisles on four sides.

Jigged Crate
A special-purpose crate with hardware to secure exhibit properties in place to prevent shifting during shipment.

Light Box
An enclosure which contains lighting underneath a translucent facing material. Used to back-light signs or graphics applied to the face.

Modular Exhibit
An exhibit constructed with interchangeable components designed to be set up in various arrangements and sizes.

Peninsula Display
An exhibit with aisles on three sides.

Panel System
A prefabricated exhibit composed of connected rectangular panels of various sizes.

Peg Board
The trade name for a type of hardboard with perforations at regular intervals. Usually used for hanging items.

Portable Exhibit
A lightweight display unit that can be moved without a forklift.

A pre-built exhibit ready for installation.

The process of repairing or reconditioning an exhibit to extend its life span.

Rental Booth
A complete booth package offered to exhibitors on a rental basis.

Return Panels
Side panels joined perpendicular to the backwall.

Set-up Drawing
Drawings which give detailed instructions for the installation of an exhibit.

Shipping Crate
A wooden container for transporting exhibit materials, which may be designed for a single use or custom built for extended reuse.

A low wooden frame used to support heavy objects or groups of materials for easier handling. Usually used as a platform for objects moved by forklift. Also called Pallet.

European term for booth.

Table Top Display
An exhibit designed for use on the top of a table or similar surface.

Structural element hung above exhibit for the purpose of hanging lighting equipment to illuminate exhibit components.

The trade name for a fabric closure with two components: hooks and loops. The two components adhere when pressed together and separate when pulled apart, allowing repeated use.

There’s a lot to learn about exhibits and a short vocabulary list certainly can’t teach you everything you need to know.   As exhibit professionals, we want you to know as much as possible about the investment you are about to make in your new exhibit. So why not schedule a visit with one of our Exhibit Peeps to learn more.  Call 713.290.1212 or email and tell us you want to learn more before making your purchase or rental decision.

A big shout out again to for their Trade Show Glossary.  You can see their entire Glossary at (Click on Topics, then Research and Resources).


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