Enhanced sanitation measures are now a requirement, and Exhibit Network is ready to assist. Whether your business needs temporary or permanent acrylic partitions or simply hand sanitizing stations, Exhibit Network offers full fabrication and on-site installation capabilities to help you get back to business safely.


Don’t be fooled by a pretty picture because smart exhibit design is much more than that. Smart design unites effective visual storytelling with solid engineering for stability, durability, efficiency, versatility, and value. And beware anyone who presents you a design before asking you in-depth questions about your short- and long-term goals and objectives. Be in control.


Does your graphic designer know the complexities of trade show graphic design? And understand the three viewing distances? And consider the impact of color and lighting? And meet critical deadlines? We’ve met too many that don’t. Relax … we got this.


The print shop down the street can make you a great sign for your garage sale. The quality standard for trade show graphics, on the other hand, is much higher. Trade show graphics require expensive, specialized printers, the right material, greater dpi, and strict color-matching. Now you know. Stand out.


What should you look for in a custom trade show exhibit? It should be designed to reflect and enhance your brand, be well-engineered for quick and safe installation, and have discernible and undeniable quality craftsmanship. The lighting on the trade show floor will expose lumps and bumps. Insist on quality and never settle for less. Be confident.


Greeting counters are functional and can make a statement. Counters should complement your exhibit, provide lockable storage, and offer an area for branding. Keep in mind people lean on counters, so request one that is sturdy. Being able to charge your phone inside the counter is pretty nifty, too. Be certain.


You’re about to make a big investment in a custom exhibit. Take time to inspect one of the crates built by the company before signing on the dotted line. You don’t want to risk damage to your new exhibit. A well-designed crate can also minimize I&D time at show site, saving you a ton of money. Be assured.


Murphy’s Law predicts that someday your exhibit will be damaged at showsite. It’s not a matter of if, but when. After your initial reaction (%?#@!!), you’ll be happy to recall that Exhibit Network can repair and refurb it back to new again. Sometimes, before the show even opens. Relax … we got this.


Rapidly evolving prototypes, as well as hard-to-collect product samples can make a product photoshoot difficult to execute, especially on a short deadline. Exhibit Network’s design team has overcome this with the delivery of photographic-quality 3-D renderings. Working with clients’ engineering departments, we’re able to use the same 3D models already in existence and produce high-resolution renderings indistinguishable from photos. Be efficient.