The Urban Foresters




The Challenge:

We interrupt this case study to tell you The Urban Foresters, headquartered in Stafford TX,  has wonderful Tree Tip Videos on their website that answer questions many residential and commercial tree owners may have about their trees. Viewers can learn how to maintain their trees and keep them safe and healthy with topics including Clearance Pruning, Crown Thinning, Date Palms, Winter Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, and Crown Cleaning. You’ll find them at:

The Urban Foresters was referred to Exhibit Network for their 10 x 20 booth space at the 2018 Houston Apartment Association Show. They started with a blank slate and relied on Exhibit Network for guidance.

Here is their list of requirements:

  • Purchase 10 x 20 portable exhibit that converts to two 10 x 10 exhibits

  • New graphics

  • Photography

  • DIY shipping and installation

  • Stay within budget


The Solution:

The first step in this project was to provide The Urban Foresters with a conceptual design, which after only a few revisions, was accepted and approved. Second, we provided consultation for their photographer to match the style of the design concepts. Next, we began the graphic design incorporating their photography and branding. The final design was two separate 10’ graphics that could combine to form a single image in a 10’x20’ space or work separately in a 10’ space.

The exhibit structure purchased is the Back Lit Meteor, one of our most popular Rental Packages (*Also for Sale*). To reinforce their branding, Exhibit Network fabricated a matching back-lit counter. All the properties were carefully packed in three hard plastic cases for safe storage and transportation. Exhibit Network provided an instruction manual, hands-on training, and labeled and weighed the properties for the first show. The Urban Foresters stores their exhibit properties in their own facility and handles all their own shipping and show services.

With the booth purchase, The Urban Foresters also purchased two classic banner stands from Exhibit Network. Exhibit Network’s design team was able to quickly repurpose elements from the large exhibit graphic, resulting in a complementary look for the new banner stands.