The Challenge:

SpotSee®, a global internet of things (IoT) and connectivity platform, has combined the leading brands ShockWatch, ShockLog, WarmMark, SpotBot, and OpsWatch to create a tracking network that helps customers spot damage to their assets and see it in real time. (Source:

Spotsee was in a real-time predicament. They didn’t need an exhibit for Breakbulk Americas 2017 in Houston TX; they already owned one. But they needed their exhibit that they shipped to Advance Freight to be delivered to their booth space. And they needed help with their electrical and catering orders, and if someone could set up and take down their exhibit, that would be awesome.



The Solution:

One of Exhibit Network’s Project Managers overheard the above conversation and offered to find the exhibit. After finding and bringing it to the booth space, our Project Manager advised Spotsee to cancel their entire electrical order and helped them reorder only the electrical they needed. Fixing the catering order took our Project Manager a few minutes at the Service Desk, and our crew was onsite and available to help with the installation of their exhibit. The results were real-time awesomeness.

Spotsee was above and beyond satisfied with the results. The following year at Breakbulk Americas 2018, Spotsee called Exhibit Network in advance to arrange rental of a carpet, table, chairs, monitor, literature rack, and installation and dismantle.

We feel Spotsee’s claim that we are their “guardian angels” is a little over the top, but we’ll just leave that here and let you decide.