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Blog – Size Matters

When choosing your behind-the-scenes trade show partner, aka, your exhibit house, size really does matter.

You know the size of your booth. You know the size of your trade show schedule.  You know the size of your budget.  Choosing the right exhibit house to match the size of your trade show program is important.

If your exhibit house is too big, you may be paying for services you don’t really need, or your phone calls may not be returned as quickly as you’d like. You may become just a number.

If your exhibit house is too small, they may provide exhibit properties, but no shipping, storage, installation, or repair services. You may have to find several vendors to procure all the trade show products and services you need.

Before you start shopping for a new exhibit house, ask yourself these questions:

  • What size booths will I have?

  • What is the size of my tradeshow budget?

  • Do I want turnkey exhibit services or do I want to ship, store, and install the exhibit myself?

  • Where are the majority of my shows?

  • Do I want to purchase or rent my exhibit?

After you’ve identified your needs, visit a few websites (google “trade show displays” + your city).  Review each website and look for photos or information that match your needs. Does the website feature exhibits in the booth sizes you need? Do the exhibits look like they are within your budget?  Does the exhibit house offer rental packages? Do they offer turnkey services?  Do they ship to your shows, whether local, national, or international?  If being local is important to you, does the exhibit house have a brick and mortar location in your city?

At Exhibit Network, we do not pretend to be the right size for every exhibitor. Our average client ranges between 10×10 and 30×40 booth spaces at 2 – 3 shows per year. Our sweet spot is a custom 20×20 island exhibit at 2 – 4 shows per year. Our expertise is in custom exhibits, crating, graphic design, installation, show services, shipping, storage, and most importantly trade show project management.  The latter means we will take care of all the logistics and arrangements for you – all you have to do is arrive at your booth when the show opens.

There are many advantages to having your exhibit house close-by; however, if a particular exhibit house is just the right size for you, any reluctance for a long-distance relationship can be overcome.  Only half of Exhibit Network’s clients are local to the Houston area. Approximately 19% of our clients are from out-of-state, 16% are from other countries, and 15% from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (Data from March 2019)

Before choosing your new exhibit house, we invite you to try Exhibit Network on for size.  Try us on to see that we have the capability, experience, and resources for all your projects while maintaining the personal responsiveness and commitment to excellent service. We may be just the right size for you.

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