RS Energy #1



RS Energy #1

The Challenge:

RS Energy Group (RSEG) provides data-driven energy intelligence to support and strengthen companies operating, servicing and investing in oil and gas markets. RS Energy came to Exhibit Network after they acquired one of our existing clients, wanting a larger booth to reflect their growing company. RS Energy requested lockable storage and maximum visibility from a distance. RS Energy also had plans to exhibit in different booth sizes: 10×10, 10×20, 20×20.


The Solution:

Exhibit Network introduced RS Energy to our FlexMod Exhibits that are strategically designed and engineered to be used in multiple configurations in multiple sizes. RS Energy purchased properties for a 20×20 exhibit and instantaneously owned the components for one 10×20 exhibit and two 10×10 exhibits. RS Energy calls their 20×20 booth their “billboard booth.” The 20’ graphic above the booth gives them maximum visibility without the cost of rigging, and this same 20’ graphic can also be used as a 10×20 inline exhibit on the floor. Two side walls for the closet are backlit and are displayed at corporate meetings. Separate graphics were purchased for the 10×10 booths. RS Energy later purchased a double- deck exhibit from Exhibit Network, incorporating their existing exhibit properties. See RS Energy #2.