Walk an Aisle in Their Shoes



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What’s the best way to know how your trade show booth is experienced by others?  Walk an aisle in their shoes.

Try this at your next trade show.

Walk an aisle in the shoes of the attendees at the show.  Look around. Is your booth easy to find?  How does your booth compare to others?  How does seeing your booth make you feel?  Is it inviting?  Is it approachable?  Does it make you curious? Does it draw you in?

Walk an aisle in the shoes of your customers. Did you receive a special invitation to stop by your booth? Do you recognize your brand?  Does your booth understand your needs?  Does it relay the benefit of your product or service?  Does the booth offer you solutions?  Do booth staffers recognize you as a loyal customer?

Walk an aisle in the shoes of your competitors. What do you see now?  Is your booth attracting more or less attention?  Ask yourself why. What unique benefits is your company offering?  How are you different from your competitors?  Why would anyone choose to visit your booth over another?

Walk an aisle in the shoes of your prospects.  Is your booth conveying a friendly and confident atmosphere?   Does your booth make you want to stop to learn more or is it the same as all the others? Does it encourage you to consider switching vendors based on first impressions?  Does it provide hands-on information showing how your service has benefited other people just like you?  Does your booth provide incentive to stop and talk business?  Would you want to do business with your company?

Trade show exhibiting is more than setting up a great display.  To be successful and get a maximum return, you need to see and feel what your attendees, customers, competitors, and prospects see and feel. You have to know what they are thinking, what pushes “their button,” what their unique needs are, and how they experience your booth. You can do that by walking an aisle in their shoes.

Try this at your next trade show and let us know what you discover and what you will do differently next time.  Call Exhibit Network at 713-290-1212 or email team@exhibithouston.com.  May all your trade shows be shamelessly awesome.