Ghana Pavilion



Ghana Pavilion

The Challenge:

The Ghana Pavilion project was referred to Exhibit Network from a trade show industry colleague. The exhibitors in this 30 x 50  pavilion had never exhibited at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston before and didn’t know where to begin. One of the exhibitors in the Pavilion suggested a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate Ghana’s first time at OTC.

The Solution:

To make the most efficient use of the space and to maximize traffic flow, Exhibit Network contacted show management and requested an aisle space to separate the 30 x 50 space into 10 x 50 and 20 x 50 spaces. Then we drew out the floor plan to accommodate one 10 x 20 booth and thirteen 10 x 10 booths. We sent each exhibitor our Exhibit Network “Show Kit” listing all their furniture, accessories, show services, and graphics options. To maximize visibility, Exhibit Network designed and produced a large hanging sign above the entry to the pavilion. Exhibit Network also provided the ribbon, oversized scissors, and the stanchions used at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The booth traffic was steady all three days of the event and Ghana has reserved an even bigger pavilion for OTC 2019.