Forum Energy Technologies




The Challenge:

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) is a global oilfield products company serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and gas industry. Forum is headquartered in Houston TX with manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located around the globe. (Source:

Forum Energy Technologies contacted Exhibit Network in December 2019 needing two displays at the Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, February 4-6, 2020 in The Woodlands TX.

Requirements for the indoor display:

  • 10×10 indoor booth space

  • large monitor for video

  • prominent branding

  • reception counter

  • storage

  • brochure holders

  • rental, not purchase

Requirements for the outdoor display:

  • 15×70 outdoor space

  • showcase equipment on trailer

  • prominent branding

  • conceal the trailer wheels

  • monitor for video


The Solution:

For the indoor display, we suggested increasing the exhibit height to 12’ since the booth space was against a wall and show regulations permitted the added height. To achieve this, we converted our standard Meteor Rental Package by adding an extra 4’ fabric graphic at the top, giving the Forum brand prominent visibility. The added height allowed ample space to hang the 80” monitor for Forum’s video presentation.

The LED edge lit rental counter was prominently branded and provided adequate storage area. The free-standing Zed-up literature racks provided more than enough space to hold technical information for attendees.

For the outdoor display, Exhibit Network provided Forum a 360° conceptual drawing for approval before beginning production. Brand identity was accomplished with a 4’ x 23’ two-sided, weather-friendly sign that spanned the length of the equipment on the trailer. A 43” monitor was installed near the tractor for video presentations. Exhibit Network provided a black skirt to dress up the trailer and hide the wheels, allowing the equipment to be the main focus.

Our project manager reported that Forum was extremely happy to receive the estimate so fast, and Forum made sure to let her know they appreciated our top-notch customer service that exceeded all their expectations.