Exceed Oilfield Equipment




The Challenge:

Exceed Oilfield Equipment manufactures sucker rods for oil drilling. For those not in the oil drilling industry, here’s a brief explanation of what a sucker rod is:

Sucker rods connect a surface pumping unit to the downhole components of a pumping system in an oil and gas well. They are typically steel rods 25 to 30 feet in length,… The first string attached to the pumping unit is a polished rod that reciprocates through a stuffing box providing a liquid-tight seal.… Sucker rods are the mechanical components that transmit power from the horsehead pumping unit on the surface to the rod pump deep down the well bore. Source

Relax…we’re still not sure what a sucker rod is, but that didn’t stop us from helping Exceed at OTC 2018.

Exceed was introduced to Exhibit Network in a cold call (something we rarely do). They were exhibiting at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston and wanted a 10 x 20 inline exhibit in their 20 x 20 booth space. After several conversations, it was established that Exceed’s priorities were:

  • Product photos

  • A new look to reflect their quality and superior engineering

  • An exhibit house they could trust


The Solution:

Since Exceed had very limited product photos, the first phase of the project was scheduling a photo shoot for the sucker rods. The rods were delivered to Exhibit Network for professional shots in our studio. Our graphic designer incorporated the photos of the sucker rods into the booth graphic, and also provided them to Exceed for use in other marketing materials. The purchase of the exhibit included a preview before the show and a detailed instruction manual. Exceed stores the exhibit in their own facility and arranges all their own services.

You may have seen Exceed’s exhibit at these shows: Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, SPE Artificial Lift Conference, and Permian Basin International Oil Show, among others. You can also see Exceed’s 20’ graphic in Exhibit Network’s showroom because it is one of our all-time favorites, and visitors love it too.

Exceed Oilfield Equipment was “exceedingly” happy with the results at OTC 2018 and said we “exceeded” their expectations. (Yep, we really just wrote that!)