Being in the Moment




Visitors to your trade show booth expect you to be in the moment.  What does this mean?  Being in the moment means you are intentionally immersed in the situation at hand. It is focusing in mind and body on the environment around you. If you are in the moment, you are mentally in your booth and nowhere else. This is what visitors to your trade show booth are expecting from you.

Let’s put this into practical terms. How can you be in the moment in your booth?

  • You want to make sure you are standing in your booth facing your audience. Visitors will respond to your smiling face more than, shall we say, your backside.

  • Being in the moment prohibits eating or drinking in your booth space. Refrain from eating or drinking until your scheduled break or after the event.

  • Have you ever been annoyed by someone who is texting while you are trying to communicate with them? Being in the moment requires that you put your phone away and focus on your visitors, and only your visitors.

  • Being in the moment means being ready to listen, listen, and listen to your visitors’ questions and comments. Set aside all your preconceived ideas of what you think the visitors will say and listen to them intently.  They may surprise you. Or you may learn something.

  • Being in the moment means forgetting about your massive to-do list or how rude someone was to you that morning. It means you smile and are pleasant no matter what just happened to you or what you expect to happen later that day.

  • A group is more intimidating than a single person. Keep a comfortable distance between you and your other booth staffers so visitors feel safe to approach.

  • Being in the moment means making eye contact with visitors as they approach your booth, letting them know they are welcome.

  • Being in the moment means you are available to your visitors at all times and so you will refrain from idle conversations with your fellow booth staffers.

Being in the moment has everything to do with your trade show booth. By committing to these guidelines, you will see improved success with the visitors to your booth.

How do you exhibit “in the moment?” Do you have recommendations for being in the moment at your booth?  We’d love to hear from you! Email