Lean Thinking



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Do you ever wonder what your professional trade show project manager does for you? After all, aren’t all trades hows basically the same? In our experience, each trades how is unique and surprise situations are common.

That’s why Exhibit Network emphasizes lean thinking and provides continuous training for our new and seasoned project managers. We want to make sure our clients have a seamless, stress-free, and delightful experience at each event.

All our project managers have attended and completed Lean Introduction from Six Sigma. (As a matter of fact, almost all our employees have a Lean Introduction Certificate of Completion.) We are always encouraging and motivating each other to “Think Lean” and to pursue Continuous Improvement.

Here are some continuous improvement topics we have our project managers review frequently.

  • Do you understand your clients’ properties well enough to know how they can be set up alone and in combination with additional client-owned properties or rental properties?

  • How well do you know your client’s graphics inventory and which graphics are used for different industry events?

  • What is the importance of researching your client’s booth location before making recommendations for the booth layout and properties?

  • Why is it necessary to read and understand all the show rules and regulations before accepting a request for a new booth design?

  • What are the implications of re-arranging booth properties that have numerous electrical and other cables throughout the booth?

  • Why is it important to know and confirm the target move-in date for your client’s exhibit properties?

  • Can the target move-in date be changed and who would you contact to do that?

  • What are some special considerations for exhibitors who have electrical, air, and plumbing in their booth?

  • How do ceiling heights and height restrictions at all your clients’ upcoming events affect the initial booth design?

  • Are there ever any exceptions made to height restriction? If so, how can they be obtained?

  • Name some obstacles you might encounter with overhead sign hanging.

  • What special situation may occur if your client’s booth is located near a dock door, forklift aisle, and/or exits?

  • What is the difference between Material Handling and Machinery Handling? How does this affect cost?

  • Do you understand how the show contractor charges for its services? Do you know how to double-check and approve an invoice after the show for correct charges?

Trade shows can be complicated, and each one has the potential for disaster if mismanaged. At Exhibit Network, we make sure your project manager receives adequate training in continuous improvement and lean thinking so they are prepared for anything that could happen. Contact Exhibit Network today at 713.290.1212 or info@exhibithouston.com to start planning your next successful trade show.