Your Exhibit’s Body Language
Your Exhibit’s Body Language

Experienced booth staffers know their body language can attract or deter attendees. These staffers recognize the attendees they want to attract to their booth, and some, unfortunately, they don’t want to send a welcoming message to. (Are you envisioning an attendee who is obviously only at the show to fill bags with freebies?)

Well, did you know that your exhibit also has body language that can attract or deter attendees? Is your trade show objective to be “inclusive and open” or is it to be “exclusive and closed?” It’s OK to be either. Sometimes your target market includes a majority of the attendees and sometimes you only want to talk to a very specific 1% minority. Your exhibit structure should be aligned with your objective.

An “inclusive and open” exhibit should be easily accessible on all sides because you want attendees to feel comfortable walking into your booth with or without a personal invitation from a booth staffer. Your strategy is the more people in your booth, the better. You know your success is based on volume.

An “exclusive and closed” exhibit structure blocks easy access, encouraging entry only where the booth staffer, aka, gatekeeper is stationed. This type of structure gives general attendees the feeling that they are not welcome – and in this case, that is absolutely true! So how do you get your 1% target market into your booth? Send a special invitation to them before the show, promising them a gift at the booth. Make them feel special by setting an appointment time with them and giving them exclusive attention.

All this to say, once you know your trade show objective – to be “inclusive and open” or “exclusive and closed” or a little bit of both, let your custom exhibit designer know this up front so your exhibit has the appropriate body language. The end result is sending the right message to the right people. Contact Exhibit Network for a free exhibit design consultation today.

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