Make the Most of Each Visit
Make the Most of Each Visit

Trade shows provide valuable opportunities to connect with people who may benefit your business in numerous ways. You or your staff will likely encounter potential customers, potential business partners, or people who may recommend your business to others. Your business will also be compared to other competitors in your industry. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how you can make the most of your trade show presence.
Enjoy these trade show tips to optimize the experience on the floor:

  1. Bring Samples, Case studies, or Small Models
    If you have examples of your company’s work, that helps demonstrate to potential customers what your company does and why it’s different. Flyers outlining case studies, small architectural models, or samples attract interest and help open conversations with people on the trade show floor.
  2. Offer Ways for People to Stay in Touch
    If people don’t know how to get in touch with your company, then you may have lost a significant amount of customers or leads. Consider bringing business cards, including social media info on your posters, and offering swag – depending on your industry and people’s expectations at the show.
  3. Be Ready to Tell Stories, Demonstrate, Entertain or Inform
    Once people approach your booth, they expect to learn about your company and your services. If a staff member doesn’t have a story or a way to approach a conversation right away, the potential booth visitor may soon wander away. Prepare in advance for your trade show by thinking of specific stories that demonstrates your company’s commitment or successes. Also, be prepared to ask others questions about their interests, and try to find ways to engage booth visitors so that they want to learn more.

It also helps to have a stunning, customized trade show booth. Based in Houston, Texas, we create custom trade show exhibits with a variety of design solutions. To learn more about attracting business prospects at trade shows, contact us.

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