Trade Show Glossary – #1
Trade Show Glossary – #1

Are you new to exhibiting and wonder what all those strange words mean?  The exhibit industry has its own vocabulary and to be successful, you have to learn them! Thanks to for the following entries in their trade show glossary. These are 100% sourced from, meaning we copied these verbatim so you can learn some trade show lingo.  There’s a quiz at the end.

Advance Order
An order for services sent to the service contractor prior to the installation date. Compare with Floor Order.

The panels at the rear of an exhibit.

A storage area for empty crates and contractor materials.

A skilled worker used to uncrate, install, dismantle, and recrate exhibit properties.

The movement of show materials from shipping dock to booth for show set up and back to dock for return shipment at end of show.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
A contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform trade show services independently of show management appointed contractors. Also called Independent Contractor, EAC.

Exhibitor Kit
A package of information which contains all rules, regulations, and forms relating to an exhibition, provided to exhibitors by show management. Also called Service Kit.

Floor Order
Order for services placed after exhibit installation has begun. Compare with Advance Order.

General Contractor
Show management appointed company providing services to a trade show and/or its exhibitors. Also called Official Contractor. Compare with Exhibitor Appointed Contractor.

Installation & Dismantle (of an exhibit). Also known as Set Up and Take-down.

Labor Desk
Exhibit hall location where exhibitors may place orders for labor.

Marshaling Yard
A lot where trucks gather for orderly dispatch to show site.

Pipe & Drape
Tubing covered with draped fabric to make up the rails and backwall of a trade show.

Scissors Lift
A motorized platform used to lift people to a given height.

Target Date
A date set by show management for the arrival of freight at a trade show. Usually shipments received before or after this date are assessed a penalty charge.

A clear plastic sheeting that is placed over exhibit carpeting after its laid in order to protect it until the show opens. Visqueen also allows exhibit components to slide on top of it during setup, allowing you to align various exhibit components by simply pushing them into position.

That’s enough words for one day.  Are you ready for the quiz?


Just kidding, there’s no quiz.

Seriously, it’s not plagiarism if you reveal your source. The above words and definitions in this trade show glossary were indeed copied and pasted from  If you want to learn more about trade shows, we recommend that you:

Happy Exhibiting!

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