Tips for Purchasing Custom Crates
Tips for Purchasing Custom Crates

Crates can seem expensive, but they are essential for extending the lifespan of your trade show exhibit.  Custom crating protects your valuable assets in storage, in transit, and on the show floor.

Here are a few tips when purchasing custom crating.

    1. Size matters: Your exhibit house will need to take an inventory of all the items that need to be transported and a trustworthy exhibit house will know how best to consolidate your items for the most efficiency. A problem often experienced with inexperienced crate providers is that the crates do not fit into a smaller door opening found in hotels or smaller venues. Remember that your crates need to be physically handled and may need to fit through limited doorway openings.
    2. Durability and Material: Crates take a huge beating as they are transported, often over vast distances, to the final exhibition location and back. There is a huge difference in the quality of wood used in custom crating. Higher end woods such as spruce cost more than pine, but are often more durable and can be re-used for years. A reputable exhibit house will take into consideration how long your crates will be used.
    3. Place your logo on your crates: At a convention, there are hundreds of crates and often times, all these crates look alike. Adding your logo to the side of your crate will help distinguish your crates from others, allowing quick and easy location on the showfloor plus give you additional branding presence.
    4. Consider ease and time constraints:  Time is money, right? Crate jigging refers to the customization of crates into sections that allow for greater protection of contents and for speed and ease of installation. A well-jigged crate can save hours of costly showsite installation hours. Proper jigging may cost a little extra up front, but will save hours of labor dollars over the lifetime of the exhibit.
    5. Remember special packaging needs: Some items, such as monitors and your own product display, require specialized custom crates due to their sensitive and fragile nature. The crates purchased for these items should be evaluated carefully and should typically be packaged in heavy anvil type containers.

We hope you found these custom crate tips useful. If you have any questions or any other custom exhibition needs, contact us. We would be more than happy to help!

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