Space, Staff, and Stuff
Space, Staff, and Stuff

Space, Staff, and Stuff.  These are three essentials you need to consider for your next trade show. With careful consideration of these three basic fundamentals, you can achieve a successful trade show every time.


The location of your booth space on the show floor is important, and you should choose your space strategically. See our previous Trade Show Tip titled Choosing the Right Booth Space for more information. Choose the appropriate size for your booth space so you can showcase everything you need to and still provide plenty of room for people to move without too much empty space. Try to register for the trade show and choose a booth space as soon as possible to get the best options.


No matter how fantastic your exhibit and graphics are, your booth staff will always be the most important element for your success. Consider the following about your booth staff:

  • How many representatives will you need in your booth?
  • Do you need to create a schedule for your booth staff?
  • Will you need greeters, marketers, salespeople and/or Subject Matter Experts?
  • Will you need to hire additional booth staff?
  • Are your booth staffers available for the entire event?
  • Are your booth staffers trained to work effectively at your booth?

Once you have confirmed who will be staffing your booth, you should begin working on travel logistics and lodging. If out-of-town travel is required, you should book flights and hotels as soon as possible to secure the least expensive rates. Most events reserve a block of rooms at hotels near the convention center. Be sure to inquire about the event rate for your hotel rooms and compare that with any corporate rates you have. You may be able to save money by staying at hotels further away, but most of the networking and fortuitous meetings will occur near the convention center.


Your stuff includes your exhibit, graphics, literature, and promotional items. If you are organizing your own stuff, be sure to keep an organizational system in place. Label your cases and boxes so everyone knows what cases contain what items. Make a list of all of your shipped items in case they are lost.  And in the unlikely event that you, as the organizer, are not able to attend the show, be sure that all your records are documented so someone else can take your place.

If you don’t want to be bothered with all the STUFF, you can let Exhibit Network handle it for you, leaving you time to focus on your Staff. Exhibit Network can provide the packing, documentation, shipping, tracking, installation, dismantle, return, and inventory of all your STUFF.

Whether you do it all yourself or have Exhibit Network do it for you, as long as you carefully consider Space, Staff, and Stuff, your next trade show will be a success.

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