So Now I Need A Fashion Expert !?!?
So Now I Need A Fashion Expert !?!?

You can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since your first meeting with your new exhibit house.  The first consultation, narrowing down your message, seeing the initial design concepts, the revisions, the revisions of the revisions, color matching, carpet choices, graphic layouts, persuading your committee to make a decision, signing off, seeing the progress as it is being built, and finally your new exhibit is complete and ready to ship to the show.  Everything fits consistently with your company’s branding and messaging…or does it?

You’ve gone through the process of making sure your exhibit properties reflect your company and your brand.  Are you forgetting one important detail?  What about your booth staff?  Their appearance is also an extension of your brand and will speak volumes to your potential customers.  It is imperative that your booth staff is dressed to reflect your brand.

So what should your booth staff wear?  That depends.  Is your booth High Tech or Professional Services?  Then business attire is in order.  Is your trade show in the Medical industry?  Then maybe clinical attire would be more appropriate.  Are you at a Sport or Leisure event?  Then definitely you can dress for the occasion in golf shirt and khakis.   Are you in the Travel industry?  Maybe Hawaiian shirts would work for you.  Food Service?  Definitely consider an apron and a chef’s hat.  Is this a Home Goods show?  Perhaps a toga is the best outfit to wear!

It’s always a great idea for your booth staff to be dressed similarly or at least within a consistent theme.  This uniformity shows your company is team-oriented and that they work well together.  If you have several divisions sharing your exhibit space, you may want to consider different colors for each division.  Be sure the branding is otherwise consistent across all divisions.

Are you more nuts and bolts and not a Fashion Expert?  This is a great opportunity to give someone on your team the responsibility to research and select the wardrobe.  Some people were made for this and will do a sensational job when given the chance.  Give them a month or more before the event to choose the proper wardrobe because it may take a while to find the right attire in the various sizes needed.

One last word.  Be sure your booth staff knows as long as they are wearing “company” attire, they are representing the company.  Your company image exceeds the boundaries of your booth space and will be seen in the buffet line, hallways, escalators, and Happy Hour.  You’ve made a big investment in your new custom exhibit down to the very last detail.  Be sure your booth staff attire is one of these details.

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