Size Matters
Size Matters

When choosing your behind-the-scenes trade show partner, aka, your exhibit house, size matters.

You know the size of your trade show schedule.  You know the size of your budget.  Choosing the right exhibit house to match the size of your entire trade show program is important.

If your exhibit house is too big, you may be paying for services you don’t really need.  Phone calls may not be returned as quickly as you’d like. You may become just a number.

If your exhibit house is too small, they may provide exhibit properties, but no shipping, storage, or installation services. You may have to find several vendors to procure all the trade show products and services you need.

We suggest you make a comprehensive list of all your needs for your entire trade show exhibit program for the next three years.  Well, at least make your best guesstimate of what you will need.  Consider these matters when you go shopping for an exhibit house:

  • Do they provide all the products we will need?
  • Will they provide all the services we will need?
  • What are their labor rates?
  • Will you be assigned a project manager who will provide guidance for you?
  • Will they give you a sample invoice?

At Exhibit Network, we do not pretend to be the right size for every exhibitor on the planet.  The right size client for us exhibits in 2-10 shows each year in 10’x10’ up to 60’x60’ booth spaces.  Our clients buy custom exhibits, graphics, bannerstands, and 10’x10’ and larger portable exhibits from us. They hire us to handle some or all related services, such as shipping, storage, installation, and show services.

Before choosing your new exhibit house, we invite you to try Exhibit Network on for size.  Try us on to see that we have the capability, experience, and resources for all your projects while maintaining the personal responsiveness and commitment to excellent service that is paramount to your success. We may be just the right size for you.

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