Setting the Bar
Setting the Bar

Setting the Bar (Idiom) Definition: “to establish an expected, required, or desired standard of quality or competence.”  Before initiating an RFQ for your new custom exhibit, be sure you set the bar high enough and do not entertain standards below the bar. Your new custom exhibit should be designed and built with the following criteria in mind:

Memorability – How will visitors remember your booth after the show ends?  Keep this question foremost in mind during the early planning and design stages for your new custom exhibit. Your exhibit must be fun, meaningful, and different to be remembered. Be sure your exhibit house has considered memorability in its design.

Visibility – Will your exhibit be visible from all directions of the show floor? While this may be impossible to achieve 100% of the time, it is an important consideration. You want attendees to be able to find your booth among many others. Will visibility be achieved across different venues? Ask your exhibit house how they have considered visibility in the design of your new booth.

Portability – Whether you are purchasing a 10’ booth or a 50’x50’ booth, you need to consider the portability of your exhibit properties. How much will the properties weigh? Can they be transported and stored efficiently?  Will they be skidded with shrink wrap or custom crated? Are the crates sized to fit through different loading dock openings? Keep in mind the material handling charges at each event. Be sure your exhibit house has considered all these concerns about the portability of your exhibit.

Expandability – Do you think you will ever need to increase or decrease the size of your booth? Can your booth be increased by adding new properties to the existing ones? Can your booth properties be divided into two smaller booths that can be shipped separately to two different locations? Ask if your exhibit house has thought about these options for expandability.

Attendee Experience – What experience are you going to give your attendees? How will you relate to them? Will they have a good feeling about your company after the show? Your exhibit designer needs to incorporate these intangible feelings and experiences into your exhibit design. Be sure to ask your exhibit house how attendee experience has been considered in the design phase.

It’s your brand out there on the trade show floor. Set the bar high and be sure your exhibit house is meeting your standards. Exhibit Network would be pleased to participate in an RFP for your new custom exhibit. Tell us how high you set the bar, and we’ll do our best to meet and exceed it. Contact us today at

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