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The more information you can give us, the more accurate the estimate we can provide.


Keep these questions in mind as you are listing the technical details below.  What type of tradeshow is this? When and where is it?  What is your vision for the show?  Do you have a theme, or a campaign that you’re working with?  What are your expectations from the show?  How do you sell or present at the show?


Our mission is to make your trade show experience as seamless, stress-free, and delightful as possible. We know that deals happen away from install and dismantle on the trade show floor, and by that we mean Happy Hour. That's why we created this fun and easy Exhibiting Guide. Tell us all the details about your exhibit so we can handle them before and after your next show -- and that gets you to Happy Hour early!




>What are your goals at your trade show? (check all that apply)

 On-site Sales
 Introduce New Product
 Inform / Educate Attendees
 Image / Public Relations
 Getting to Happy Hour first


How will you reach your goals? (check all that apply)

 Pre / Post-Show Advertising
 Collect Leads
 Provide Literature / Samples
 Sponsor Happy Hour



What booth sizes will you have in the next 12 months (check all that apply)

 10 x 10
 10 x 20
 10 x 30
 10 x 40
 20 x 20
 20 x 30
 20 x 40
 20 x 50
 30 x 30
 30 x 40
 30 x 50
 40 x 40
 40 x 50
 Double Deck
 Tabletop / Bannerstands
 Off-Site Events


We're sure you have great products and services. How will they be displayed at your booth?

 Actual Product or Model
 Video Presentations
 Interactive Kiosk
 I Am The Product
 In a Wine Bottle


Will any of your booths have special attractions? (check all that apply)

 Games / Contests / Drawings
 Live Demos / Entertainment
 Food and/or Beverage Bar
 Monkeys Swinging in Trees
 Margarita Machine


What type of flooring will you use in your booth?

 Carpet / Pad
 Raised Floor
 Dance Floor


Do you have any specific needs for your booth? (check all that apply)

 Lockable / Accessible Storage
 Hospitality / Presentation Area
 Private Conference Area
 ADA Compliance
 Crowd Control



Which Show Services will you need for your booth? (check all that apply)

 Cleaning / Porter
 Drayage - Material Handling
 Floral / Plants
 Audio-Visual / Laptop / Monitor
 Installation & Dismantle
 Lead Retrieval
 Rigging / Sign Hanging
 Beverage Services
 Forklift / Heavy Equipment
 Open / Close Show
 Happy Hour Invitation
 Designated Driver



Check the Furnishings you may need in your booth?

 Greeting Counter / Pedestal
 Tables - Bistro / Cocktail / Conf.
 Chairs / Stools
 Couch / Sofa



Check the Accessories you may need in your booth.

 Bowls or Baskets
 Literature Stands
 Literature Pockets
 Business Cards Holders
 Tablecover with Logo
 Booth Keys
 Sign Holders
 Bag Racks
 Office Supplies
 Change of Shoes
 Cocktail Umbrellas
 Hangover Recovery Kit
 Top 10 Happy Hour Pick-Up Lines



What is your budget range for your exhibit

As a general rule: the rental of a pre-manufactured 10' portable exhibit is between $1000 - $2000; the rental of a custom exhibit is approx. $50 - $75 per sq. ft.; the purchase of a custom exhibit starts at $100 per sq ft., not including show services.



You are aware that exhibit / tradeshow estimates are based on information known at the time the estimate is prepared. Would you like to be notified of an increase in cost due to additional services, an increase in price from a supplier, or RUSH or OT charges?

 Less than $5,000
 $15,001 - $25,000
 $25,001 - $50,000
 $50,001 - $75,000
 $75,001 - $100,000
 Over $100,000
 Sky is the limit as long as I make it to happy hour in time.



What are your plans when the show is over? (check all that apply)

 Have someone else handle the dismantle and shipping of my properties.
 Go to Happy Hour immediately.
 Go home and relax.
 Dismantle and pack the exhibit, fill out the MHA, and hope my shipping company arrives soon.



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What will you be drinking at Happy Hour?





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