Not Just Any Crate Will Do
Not Just Any Crate Will Do

When purchasing a brand new custom exhibit, trade show managers and even professional exhibit providers often overlook the importance of the crates that hold and transport your exhibit.   Here are some questions to ask your exhibit house about the crates they are producing to be sure your investment is protected to the max.

  1. Are the crates properly jigged to allow for a fast and efficient installation?
  2. Are the crates loaded according to the sequential order in which the exhibit is installed?
  3. Is the interior of the crate properly labeled so repacking is done correctly each time?
  4. Is there room in any crates to add last minute items such as literature or promotional items?
  5. Is there adequate protective packing inside the crates to avoid scratches and dents?
  6. Are the outsides of the crate tailored so users don’t get splinters from rough edges?
  7. Do the crates have provisions for effortlessly moving heavy properties in and out?
  8. Is the size of the crate compatible with the size of freight elevators, loading docks, and trucks?
  9. Are the crates fabricated anticipating they may be mishandled by an unknown third-party?
  10. Are the crates professionally stenciled with your company branding and numbering system?

Your new custom exhibit is a big investment. Use this checklist to be sure your exhibit house goes the extra mile to provide you with professional crates to pamper and protect your exhibit properties so your company will shine on the show floor for years and years to come.

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