Helping Us Help You
Helping Us Help You

Exhibit Network surveyed our design, production, and client services departments and asked them what a perfect scenario looks like for the first meeting with a new client.   Here’s how they responded –

  • “A perfect scenario is when new clients bring us a short history of their company highlighting products and how they serve their customers. Even though Exhibit Network has already visited their website, hearing it live from a company representative brings personal details that add to the narrative. It helps us serve their needs better.”
  • “I want to know the client’s vision for their trade show. What do they expect to achieve? How will they measure their results? What outcome do they anticipate from the event?”
  • “To efficiently plan logistics, it’s important for me to know how many shows they are planning for the year, locations, dates, booth sizes, and if there are different target markets at each show.”
  • “I want to know who their competitors are so I can do a basic competitive analysis. I want to know what the other exhibitors at the show are doing to compete for attention.”
  • “To be cost-effective, I need to know their budget ranges for the exhibit components, show services, transportation, and any offsite events they are hosting.”
  • “It’s perfectly acceptable to me if a new client comes in with ideas they have seen at a tradeshow and it’s also acceptable if they come in with no concepts in mind. If they already have a concept, I would like to find out if they are open to new ideas and the latest trends in trade show exhibits.”

So what is the perfect scenario for the first meeting with a new client? It was unanimous that the result of this first meeting is to help us help you have a seamless, stress-free and delightful trade show experience. Contact us today to schedule your first meeting with Exhibit Network.


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