Finding the Right Trade Shows
Finding the Right Trade Shows

How do you find the right trade shows to capture a new market after you have promoted your business, perfected customer service, and are ready to expand? When you are at this point, it is important to be at the right trade shows.

“Which shows will give me the best chance of getting in front of my target audience?” is one of the first questions many businesses ask themselves when preparing to begin exhibiting in trade shows. And that’s a great question! After all, no matter how great your exhibit is, you won’t be effective if you aren’t at a show filled with people who want and need your products and services.

Here are some suggestions on how to find events that are right for you:

Google Conventions in Your Industry. A simple Google search is a great place to get ideas about which shows are right for your business. Explore online reviews to see what past exhibitors have to say about their own experiences.

Ask Your Suppliers. Discuss trade shows with your vendors and suppliers and ask for recommendations. If you have established a working relationship with them, you might also get some valuable insider info on how well a show is managed and if it is an effective marketing tool for exhibitors.

Reach Out To Your Customers. Ask your clients which shows they plan to attend. This is an extremely effective way to determine exactly where your target audience can be found.

Check With Your Industry Association. Are you a member of an industry group or association? Use your network connections to discover the trade shows where others have experienced positive results.

Check Industry Magazines. If you subscribe to any print magazines, check the ad section near the back to see if any trade shows are listed.

Attend a Trade Show. Spend some time as a trade show attendee to scope out the scene and familiarize yourself with the landscape. Look at your competitors’ booths. Observe the traffic flow and find out how things work so you have this important knowledge when you are the exhibitor.

Set a budget. Be sure to research the costs of exhibiting, including the booth space, exhibit properties, graphics, show services, shipping and travel expenses, then set a reasonable budget for your events.

Once you have decided on the right trade shows for your company, be sure to select a reputable exhibit house like Exhibit Network that will partner with you for all your exhibiting needs. Our mission is to make your trade show experience as seamless, stress-free, and delightful as possible and we have the expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that often overwhelm new exhibitors. Contact us today about your options for custom exhibits, rental exhibits, graphics, shipping, and show services.

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