False Assumptions about Trade Shows
False Assumptions about Trade Shows

Sometimes people tell us they had a bad experience at their last trade show. They state false assumptions and conclude that trade shows are a waste of money.  Not true.

Let’s look at some solutions to their false assumptions so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

False Assumption #1.  We thought a lot of people would be interested in our product.
Solution:  It is possible you are at the wrong trade show.  Trade shows can be very industry-specific and buyers will attend only the trade shows that offer the particular products and services they are looking for. Know your target market and check with the show sponsor or organizer prior to signing up to exhibit to be sure the right buyers will be attending.

False Assumption #2.  We thought we would make enough sales to cover the cost of our booth space.
Solution:  If done well, trade show exhibiting can give you an ROI which surpasses the cost of all your expenses.  If you are new to trade shows, you might want to visit a trade show as an attendee before purchasing a booth space.  Take time to talk to the exhibitors. Ask them what type of results they get from the show. Set your emotions aside and establish realistic expectations.

False Assumption #3.  We thought our new expensive exhibit would result in colossal sales.
Solution:  Consider testing the waters before you jump in.  If you are new to exhibiting and are on a limited budget, try renting a booth from a local exhibit house before you take the plunge and purchase a new exhibit.  A shiny, new exhibit can only get you so far.  There are many other factors to consider.

False Assumption #4.  I know all about trade shows and they still don’t work.
Solution:  Trade shows are a multi-billion dollar, worldwide industry and they wouldn’t continue to exist if they didn’t produce results.  We suggest you increase your current knowledge about trade shows, and we humbly recommend our Trade Show Tips as a good place to start.

At Exhibit Network, we offer custom, modular, portable trade show exhibits, graphics, and all related products and services for your successful show.  Furthermore, we know that your trade show is more than just a shiny, new exhibit and we are here to help in every aspect so you can have your best results at your next trade show.  Call us today at 713.290.1212 or email us at team@exhibithouston.com.

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