Choosing the Right Booth Space
Choosing the Right Booth Space

Choosing the right booth location is key to your success at your next show. When studying the floor plan to choose your space, use these principles to help make the right decision.

Locations to Consider:

  • Main aisles typically offer higher traffic.
  • If you are located on the main aisle, the right side of the aisle is better than the left side (from the perspective of the front entry into the showfloor).
  • If you are located on the main aisle, consider that traffic may congest near the entrance and people may skip the first few booths just to escape the jam. It might be worthwhile to be three or four spaces back from the exhibit hall doors for best results.
  • If you cannot get a booth on the main aisle, then a space on the right side of the showfloor is probably more advantageous than a space on the left side because people tend to turn right upon entering a showfloor.
  • Booths known as “end caps” span two aisles, are situated perpendicular to the other exhibits, and can offer a visual advantage. Your 10×20 exhibit properties need to accommodate three open sides to work well in an end cap.
  • Booths near the center of the showfloor, adjacent to larger booths can be advantageous as long as your booth is not dwarfed in size, sound, and traffic.
  • Consider any location within the “triangle” – meaning, any space inside a triangle you draw on the floorplan with its base along the front of the hall and its peak at the back of the main aisle.

Locations to Avoid:

  • Avoid locations near the entrance of a showfloor with only one entry door because incoming attendees may crowd the area.
  • Avoid any locations in the far back corners of the showfloor – see the “triangle” principle above.
  • Avoid a location beside booths that will have especially dramatic displays or a loud audio system.
  • Avoid being beside booths that feature events, such as book-signings.
    • The two above locations will have high traffic; however, most of the people will be either heading toward a particular event or trying to escape the area.
  • Avoid a location beside booth spaces that are unsold and still vacant a few weeks before the event, especially if they are outside the triangle.
  • Use caution in locations near restrooms and dining areas. Most traffic in these areas is focused on getting to the intended destination, not your booth.
  • Beware of any location that has a dot on the floor plan – this usually represents a column inside the convention hall that may block visibility.

No matter where your booth is located, check in with the show sponsor in the weeks before the event to see if another exhibitor has cancelled. If a better booth location becomes available, you’ll often be able to upgrade your spot. Be sure your exhibit is suitable for this new location.

And even if you are placed in a less favorable location, you can still have a successful trade show with little ingenuity and imagination. Read our other Trade Show Tips for ideas for your successful tradeshow.

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