Certified Trade Show Marketer – CTSM
Certified Trade Show Marketer – CTSM

Did you know there was training available for you to become a Certified Trade Show Marketer?  There is and the rest of today’s trade show tip is 100% sourced from https://www.exhibitoronline.com/ctsm/  

“Love your job? Want to make more money? Earn more respect? Maybe even gain a seat at the strategy table? Join more than 3,200 trade show and corporate event marketing professionals from every type and size of company who are currently enrolled in CTSM, the industry’s only university-affiliated certification program. CTSM certified professionals … enjoy increased salaries, expanded career opportunities, and greater respect and authority with their organizations.

“The CTSM program covers a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills for trade show and corporate event marketers. Topics include: Measurement & Analytics, Planning & Execution, Marketing & Sales, Management & Leadership, Global Exhibit Marketing, Exhibits, Experiences, Events and Personal & Career. Apply what you learn on the job and you’ll become known as your company’s “resident expert.”

“The 28-session core curriculum includes five electives and equals 42 hours of classroom study. Upon completion of the coursework, candidates take a comprehensive exam and write an applied learning portfolio. CTSM graduates earn four Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) through our university affiliate, Northern Illinois University Outreach.

“We know your job is already demanding. Designed specifically for people in fast-paced positions, CTSM understands you probably don’t have a lot of down-time. Although rigorous and challenging, you’re free to move through the program at your own pace. Candidates typically take two to three years to receive their CTSM credentials. We’ll even provide mentors and advisors to assist you.

“CTSM features access to a world-class faculty of expert practitioners and instructors. CTSM is now widely recognized as corporate America’s #1 choice for trade show and corporate event training and education. According to a recent survey from EXHIBITOR magazine, industry professionals earning certification enjoy salaries averaging 18% higher than their acronym-free peers.”

Like we stated above, this trade show tip is 100% sourced from https://www.exhibitoronline.com/ctsm/.  Check it out today and see if becoming a Certified Trade Show Marketer is right for you. Happy Exhibiting!




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