Be Competitive:  Why Exhibit at a Trade Show
Be Competitive: Why Exhibit at a Trade Show

Exhibiting at a trade show offers a lot of opportunities to stand out from the competition and gain insight on the current marketplace. To grow as a business in terms of partnerships or clients, it can help to exhibit at trade shows locally and nationally – depending on your industry. Keep an open mind. You just might hear from potential customers months or years after meeting them at an expo. It happens all the time.

Here are five reasons why exhibiting at a trade show increases the competitive edge of your business.

  1. Be compared to the competition

At conventions, companies in a specific industry are in one location at the same time. Help visitors to your booth understand why your company is different. A well-designed, customized trade show booth makes your business look prepared to handle questions or attract leads.

  1. Gather competitive intelligence

This is a unique opportunity to personally browse case studies and business models at other exhibits. Take note of the new products or services other companies are offering.

  1. Reposition your company inĀ the marketplace

If your company has recently changed its focus, expos are a great time to show off your new approaches. Display recent product developments or results of your work. If your business has a renewed focus on customer service, let that be a priority talking point at your booth.

  1. Generate excitement for new products or servicesĀ 

A compelling trade show booth helps new products be the star. Brazenly and dramatically display your products, whether they are home furnishings, sportswear or oil field equipment. An attractive product display may mean the difference between buyer interest and being ignored.

  1. Build databases

Make an effort to collect the contact information or names of people you meet at a trade show. Also, take note of other competing businesses at the show. This information can be added to your database of potential leads or business partners. You will also be able to add information to your list of businesses you might be competing with. After the show, research those businesses online to gain more insight.

Trade show booths have come a long way, and many options look very high-tech. To learn about renting or buying an exceptional trade show booth, contact us.

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