To Bannerstand or Not to Bannerstand?

Here’s a trade show tip you may not have thought about.  Not all your events require a custom or even a portable trade show exhibit. Sometimes a bannerstand or two is all you need. What are some events or situations where bannerstands may be appropriate?

  • A bannerstand may be sufficient if you are going to an event that lasts 4 hours or less.
  • Bannerstands are suitable at smaller events where your booth space is less than 8’ x 10’.
  • They are convenient for client presentations and meetings.
  • You can place them in your 20 x 20 booth for additional or special messaging.
  • You may want to display a bannerstand on a stage if you are a guest speaker at an event.
  • Bannerstands are useful as directional or welcome signs (be sure to purchase ones with interchangeable or replaceable graphics).
  • You will often see bannerstands at an offsite event, such as a sponsored Happy Hour.
  • They are often used as backdrops for photos.
  • A bannerstand is valuable at a book signing.
  • Bannerstands brighten up your reception area and vacant spaces in your office.
  • A bannerstand is useful to display a company competition or anniversary.
  • It is always sensible to have some bannerstands on hand for last-minute or unexpected events.

Wherever you decide to use a bannerstand, remember that your brand should always be presented in the best possible manner. That means purchasing quality bannerstands with graphics that are color-matched, printed on wrinkle-free material, and have a high resolution (not fuzzy) image. Make sure your provider offers a warranty.  Ask if the graphics can be replaced.   Inquire about the timing and process for repairs. Be sure to ask about the durability of the carrying case as it may be traveling around a lot. Before purchasing, request a proof to be sure your messaging is positioned where you want it.

One final note: Keep in mind when designing bannerstand graphic artwork that your key messaging should be at or above eye level. If you typically place your bannerstand behind a table, realize that most walkers-by will not be able to see the graphic or text below table level.

Exhibit Network offers a fine selection of bannerstands to suit all your needs. We pre-flight your artwork for accuracy and resolution, color-match your logo and branding, and offer repairs and graphic replacement in our Houston facility. Call us today at 713-290-1212 for your new bannerstands.

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