Trade Show Glossary – #4
Trade Show Glossary – #4

Today’s trade show tip continues our series on Trade Show Glossary, which is a list of trade show lingo found on Today we will examine terminology concerning the floor plan of the show.

Why is this important?  Knowing about the floor plan matters before you choose the design of your new booth. Your location is the first thing Exhibit Network’s project managers look at. Are you situated in a favorable traffic flow area? Which hall are you in? Are you near a main aisle or in a perimeter booth?  Will any obstacles block the visibility of your booth? Are you near a freight aisle or dock?

So here’s a quick vocabulary lesson to help you make good decisions for your booth design:

A walkway intended for audience movement through an exposition or exhibit.

Aisle Carpet
Carpeting installed in trade show aisles.

Booth Area
The amount of floor space assigned to an exhibitor.

A pillar in an exposition facility which supports the roof or other overhead structures. Usually shown on a floor plan as a solid square.

A platform where freight is loaded onto and removed from vehicles or vessels.

Exposition Rules
The set of regulations which govern a given trade show.

Floor Plan
A map showing the size and locations of exhibit spaces.

Freight Desk
The area where inbound and outbound exhibit materials are handled at a trade show.

General term used for an exposition facility or the exhibit area within a facility.

An exhibitor’s unauthorized use of floor space outside the leased booth area.

The most common width for a backwall panel. (1 Meter = 39.37 inches)

Perimeter Booth
A booth space on an outside wall.

Show Decorator
A company or individual responsible for providing draping, carpeting, and signage services for the trade show and its exhibitors.

Show Manager
The organizer and operator of an exposition.

Show Office
The show management office at an exposition.

Show Producer
An individual or company which manages trade shows, including leasing the exposition facility, hiring official contractors, and promoting the show.

Show Rules
The general rules and regulations governing a specific trade show.

Space Rate
The cost per square foot of exhibit area.

Traffic Flow
The movement of visitors through an exposition or exhibit.

We included the definitions for Show Decorator, Show Manager, and Show Producer because these are the people who create the floor plan and determine the rules and regulations for the event.  When we ask nicely, these are the people who sometimes give our clients permission to bend the rules.

We hope you learned why it’s important to study the floor plan before making any decisions. If you would like some help implementing your new-found knowledge, one of our Exhibit Peeps would be happy to talk with you.  We can be reached at 713.290.1212 or

And again, thanks to for their awesome Trade Show Glossary.  You can see their entire dictionary at (Click on Topics, then Research and Resources).

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